This is a relatively new MSSP mission that is performing work in parishes and university. The MSSP priests take pastoral care of the parisioners as well as the students of the university by giving them grants and even funding their studies. They run a youth center and teach basic skills.


The first MSSP mission in Peru started in Aplao. Here the missionaries still take care of a parish. This is a very big parish and it is very difficult for the missionaries to reach the whole zone frequently. This is mostly an agricultural community.


MSSP priests take care of a parish which lies in the perifery, where a big number of parishioners work in factories or fields. The MSSP missionaries run a girls school here, in a culture where girls and boys are treated differently.

St. Joseph Home

This home is run by the Missionary Society of St. Paul (MSSP). Its Director, Fr. Frankie Cini, together with a number of professional and dedicated staff run the house, which is home to a number of boys, who for various reasons are unable to live with their natural family.